Do You Watch South Beach Tow?

Do you watch South Beach Tow?  As a group of people running a towing company, we find it quite interesting when they come out with a television show about running a towing business.  This show is available on Tru TV.  You can check out a ridiculous clip from it below.

What does it show exactly?  Well, as you can imagine, it follows a towing service company that provides its services throughout Miami, Florida.  You might think that would be pretty boring.  In reality, there are many boring aspects to running a towing service company.  You get calls, and then you send someone out who completes the tow.

In this show, everything is taken to the extreme.  Basically, anytime someone is getting towed, they have an extremely adverse reaction.  Sometimes they start fighting the people, and other times they commit different crimes.  This isn’t exactly how it works in real life, but it is pretty funny to watch.  When we are sent out to tow a vehicle that needs to be repossessed, people definitely aren’t too happy about it, but we have never really faced a situation that is as bad as the things that tend to happen every episode on this crazy television show.

Give the show a watch for its pure entertainment value.  Other than that, just know that it isn’t really the most accurate depiction of how running a towing company actually works.

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